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NH: The Tale of Two Brothers
And thus, the King created on the fifth day two sons of his. The first one was made of clay dark as starless night, with eyes in colour of the ground and ivory-bone lips. The second creation was complete opposite of his older sibling, created from sheet white clay, with pitch-dark eyes and tangerine mouth.
The King said:
"I am your Creator and Lord of this land. You are my children. I give you names Kain" he looked at his first-born son, "and Abel." and took them both by their hands.  He felt his creations' hearts trembling from the outside world.
Then, the King spoke the following:
"Let there be apparel to protect them from the evil of the outside."
And it was so. Both brothers had been clothed - Kain in ivory gown with shorter, orange material and Abel in tangerine toga and black belt.
And when they looked at their Creator, both of them started to worship him, laying on the ground. The King said:
"This is my land. You will live in well-being, each of you here with your own
:iconshinakazami1:shinakazami1 2 17
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A Beginner's Guide :: Literary Commissions
This guide was written a little over three years ago, so it was in need of an overhaul. With more commissions under my belt, I feel I'm more justified in writing this guide for newbies who are wanting to sell their skills but have no idea where to start.
If pricing is more what you're looking for, we have a guide on that as well! You can view it by following this link:
The Important Things
When you're considering to sell your skills, there's something you should ask yourself: Why am I opening up commissions? Do you want to get more experience when it comes to writing another person's ideas, or simply for the fun you get from writing and hey, if you get extra money on the side, that's awesome too? Perhaps you need the money to pay for unexpected expenses or the joys of adulthood, aka bills. This is something that not will not only reflect what you price your writing, but also how much enjoyment you'll get from bringing a commissioner's ideas to life.
:iconwriting-commissions:Writing-Commissions 150 122
BTS_Jk by eLfanka BTS_Jk :iconelfanka:eLfanka 119 6 free fallin' or something by TomboyHippyPrincess free fallin' or something :icontomboyhippyprincess:TomboyHippyPrincess 6 11 Fall by MichaelSilverleaf Fall :iconmichaelsilverleaf:MichaelSilverleaf 26 7 sketsdump 003 Deponia  by MarshmellowFae sketsdump 003 Deponia :iconmarshmellowfae:MarshmellowFae 4 2 His Brightest Star Was You by LilianMuttonfudge His Brightest Star Was You :iconlilianmuttonfudge:LilianMuttonfudge 34 8 Args by BlacDragonDrako Args :iconblacdragondrako:BlacDragonDrako 3 2 Underwater by Jaxary2592 Underwater :iconjaxary2592:Jaxary2592 13 4 Platypus Bataka by Jaxary2592 Platypus Bataka :iconjaxary2592:Jaxary2592 19 15


Hi! I think I can give enough level of content to start taking money for it :'D

Terms of Service:  Art Commissions - Terms of Service::Commission Info::
::Tumblr post::

Please read the following Terms of Service (later known as ToS) before you intend on commissioning me. By commissioning an art piece from me you acknowledge that you have read ToS and automatically agree with it. 
ToS Content:
1. General Terms
2. Payment
3. Cancelling & Refunds
4. Process & Deadlines 
5. Copyright (Rights) & Permissions
1. General Terms
 a) Communication
You can contact me via:
► e-mail -
► DeviantArt private note/comment
► (Only for asking about availability) Tumblr private message
In your commission note please write:
Star! Your PayPal e-



1. taken
2. taken - paid - finished 

1. e-mail (note this ISN'T my Paypal e-mail)
2. dA notes
3. Tumblr messages

ToS' epitome:
:star: Commissions are for personal use ONLY
:star:Will/won't draw list here:… and in the end of this journal
note: Some things from won't list are accepted, but the price may go up (I will tell about it before/ while making sketch)
:star: In a message please send visual reference, even if it's not your character
:star: I'm taking Paypal only commissions. All prices are listed in USD, but you can ask me about PLN prices.
:star: After I will accept request for commission, I will send sketch for approval. If it's accepted, you will have to send me the money.
:star: Commissions may take 1-2 weeks to make (max. 2 months) 
:star: If I will have time and the you will want a stream of me making your commission, it will be public on Picarto
:star: With no exception, I'm allowed to leave my signature/watermark on the piece. You cannot claim that the piece is made by you nor resell, redistribute, use in your own project, ad

► I will draw:

  • Humans,
  • Own/Fan Characters (OC/FC), 
  • Fanarts, 
  • SFW (Safe For Work), 
  • Not too complex Backgrounds

► I might draw: ( be wary the price may go up)

  • Simple Mechas, 
  • Human hibrids, Humanoids,
  • Monsters,
  • Light Gore,
  • Kissing, Hugging,
  • Furries, Animals,
  • Complex BG

► I won't draw:

  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work), Sexual Content (+Fetishes),
  • Hateful/Ideological Ideas,
  • Complex Mechas 


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Artist | Hobbyist
DA Avatar by OttonandPooky

If I haven't done this, I want to thank for all faves and Llamas I receive :)
You can ask for requests/art trades/collabs

:iconcommissionsask: :iconrequestsask: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsask:

Artists whose arts I love:
:iconottonandpooky: :icongweniala: :iconred-fox92: :iconklarapl: :icontatsuri: :iconmakintosh91: :icononlyforpom: :iconyufei: :iconpicolo-kun: :iconxamag: :iconnimby0o0: :iconhaining-art: :iconalexdasmaster: :icononnos::icondawnelainedarkwood:
and more :)

Many of my friend say to me ''shina''.
Please don't ask 'When you will do next picture?'' It's not like I'm drawing nothing when I don't upload, mostly I'm practising and most of arts aren't good to upload here :^ most of my drawings/doodles will be on my website (tumblr, link below), so check it :)

Okay, I'm not good in English XD I have got not too good scaner, sometimes I'm using Photoshop CS2 for digital drawings. I'm drawing on cards, with pencil HB or 2B.

Dobra, nie jestem dobra z języka angielskiego XD Jakby co, to mam skaner, choć nie jest jakiś najlepszy, program, w którym rysuję, to Photoshop CS2 oraz w realnym świecie dzierżawię wspaniałe ołówki, najczęściej HB, 2B. Póki co - do zobaczenia :)


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